Use of the VENTURA air heater - Church in Góra Kalwaria

VENTURA air heater for heating the church

We come back to you with the third realization showing the use of ours VENTURA air heater. This time we are moving to Góra Kalwaria in the province. Mazowieckie. Our device heats the church in it, which was previously heated with a wood boiler. We know perfectly well that the distribution of heating installations in most of these types of buildings is impossible, for example due to the limitations of the conservator of monuments. Therefore, our VENTURA air heater turns out to be an ideal solution, the installation of which does not require any interference in the building structure. See for yourself by watching the material!

  • Type of object: Church
  • Location: Góra Kalwaria in the Masovian Voivodeship
  • Heater power: 50 kW
  • Building volume : 6000m3
  • Building dimensions: 40 m x 20 m x 10 m (Gable roof)
  • Wall insulation: Stone 60cm +plaster
  • Roof insulation: None



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