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Container boilers

Container boilers – upgrading without formalities

We offer you container boilers with power output from 150 kW to 2.5 MW, equipped with water or steam boilers. Mobile container boilers are designed to generate heat for:

  • residential buildings
  • hotels
  • commercial facilities
  • industrial plants

KIPI container boilers:

  • short time needed for constructing, replacing or modernising the heat source
  • cost savings  due to a cheaper heat source (pellets or coal dust)
  • reduced construction works  (the boiler is made at the manufacturer’s plant – it is only assembled on-site)
  • minimum formalities
  • mobility: the boiler can be moved to another location, rented or sold; its transport and installation is simple
  • simple assembly process – integration with the existing heating substation
  • options for leasing / simple financing of the boiler
  • possibility of renting the boiler