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Burners for pellets and Agro-Pellets

General information

Pellet burner  – what is it?

A pellet burner is a device that may be connected to a currently operated boiler in order to modernize it and start the heating process fuelled by pellets, or a biomass fuel. If you have been using coal, oil or gas for heating – now you can quickly and easily change it by installing our pellet burner.

The following image shows the structure of the burner. Detailed technical information is presented in tab  Burner principle of operation.


Watch the video presenting operation of the burner.

Technical expertise and innovative approach

We have been producing pellet burners since November 2013, but our company was established in 1994. Our advantage is based on a wide technical knowledge and innovative solutions in many areas. Operating as “Biuro Techniczno Inżynierskie Jan Gumkowski” we design and implement complete process lines. From the very beginning of our work on the burner with rotary combustion chamber we constantly extend our knowledge on heating techniques to be a trustworthy partner to our customers.

No need for burner cleaning – we use a rotary combustion chamber

Most of popular burners require cleaning event twice a week. Our burner uses an innovative cleaning mechanism – rotary combustion and blower chamber – now you don’t have to clean the burner at all. The principle of operation is very simple – simple solutions are always the best. We started our research work on this solution already in 2010. Our independent research resulted in a unique design of the burner. We introduced it to the Polish market in 2013 and since then we have implemented a few improvements that made the burner a very user-friendly product.

Our rotary combustion chamber  ensures your convenience and comfort  -you save time, as there is no need for cleaning the burner and you may use burning pellets of poorer quality and agro-pellets.

First on the market

The combustion chamber rotates and cleans itself of ash and slag, ensuring constant and efficient operation of the burner,  preventing any capacity drops and clogging.

We offer you state-of-the-art devices – fully automated burners for burning fuel pellets and agro-pellets. We guarantee the highest quality workmanship and detailed design.

We were first on the market to introduce  self-cleaning burner and our technology is patent-protected by  the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

Currently we offer burners with a capacity of 5-250kW, but soon our offer will also include burners with rotary combustion chamber having a capacity of 300kW, 350kW and 500 kW.

Your benefits – what are the advantages of KIPI pellet burners

  • You save money
    Pellet fuel is an alternative to other solid fuels.
    The solution we use – dividing air into the primary and after-burning air – provides more efficient combustion and less pollution.
    In addition, our burners may burn fuel of inferior quality and agro-pellets that clog other burners and interrupt their operation. In addition – our solutions extend maintenance and servicing intervals of the burner without the need to replace its major components (the most important element is the combustion chamber).
  • You save time
    KIPI burners with their rotary combustion chambers operate the whole season without cleaning. You just refill the fuel in the container. The burner ignites and extinguishes independently – without your efforts. You may safely go for a few-day trip and to if you want to have full control – you may monitor the burner operation online.
  • Comfort and convenience
    Pellet is a clean fuel – no dust or dirt is expected in the boiler room. In addition, the rotary combustion chamber of the burner does not require cleaning (standard burners need cleaning even twice a week).Our products really differ from other solutions offered at the market. It is worth noting that currently our burners have rotary combustion and blower chamber, which boosts the efficiency of the burner self-cleaning process, which removes dust, slag and ash. NO MORE CLEANING AND CLOGGING!
  • You take care of your family.
    Self-cleaning and maintenance-free operation combined with on-line monitoring option is often chosen as a solution for older people – they are provided with safe, cheap and effortless heating. Your only task is to refill the fuel.
  • You take care of safety
    Burner design and spiral motion of flame feather in the feeder minimizes the risk of flashback. Control system monitors and alerts about dangerous operational conditions.
  • Simple operation
    Intuitive controller is really easy to use.
  • You care for the environment.
    Pellet is ecological fuel.
    You care about the environment and your family. Smoke from the chimney is clear without unpleasant odour.
  • You can stay mobile
    Option of on-line control enables you to control the burner operation wherever you are.
  • You get the highest quality product designed for end-users. Our technology used in KIPI burners is a patented solution.
  • If you are an installer –installing and servicing the burner has never been so easy! All this thanks to the modular design of the burner (the only burner of this type on the market).

Applications and end-users of KIPI burners

KIPI burners are designed for you if you are looking for an alternative method of heating your home or when your company search for ecological and low-cost source of thermal energy. If you are considering the use of pellets – our solution is for you. We have created our product focusing on the end-user – it is simple in use, reliable and does not require cleaning. With KIPI burners you can start to use ecological and cheap fuel.

KIPI burners may be used with any type of boiler, which has clean-out pits for ash- e.g. central heating boilers, steam boilers, industrial boilers, air-delivering furnaces or process furnaces (bakery, driers, drum driers, fluidized bed driers, heaters). KIPI burners are used to modernize existing boiler installations – they provide economic advantages: cheaper heat and fully automated process of the burner.

Our burners are designed for:

  • Households
    If you own a house or cottage   and you are looking for an alternative to oil, coal or gas fuel we recommend you pellets: they are clean, ecological, easy in use and offered at competitive prices
    With KIPI pellet burners  you can modernize your current boiler  and switching to a different solid fuel – modernization is really easy and hassle-free. The best way is to use the services of an experienced installer, who will ensure installation of a safe and proper system with adjusted flame to guarantee efficient and reliable operation.
  • Public institutions, schools and hotels
    You will upgrade the current heating solution and provide ecological and cheap heat. What is very important when using our burners – you don’t need extra staff to operate them – they are maintenance-free and do not require cleaning.
  • Industry
    KIPI burners may be used not only for heating but also in bakeries, drying plants or in other industries.

KIPI pellet burners optimize heating processes and contribute to the benefits of economic, organizational and operational nature.

What makes the difference – why you should choose KIPI burner

  • Rotary combustion and blower chamber
    The first version of the burner had only combustion chamber rotating – now the combustion and blower are of the rotary type – this makes both chamber to clean themselves of ashes and slag, without any capacity drops during the cleaning process.
  • Dividing air distribution into the primary and after-burning air
    This solution increases the efficiency of the combustion and reduces the emissions.
  • Seamless combustion chamber
    It ensures the lack of welding stresses, which may lead to deformation and cracking of the chamber. This means longer operational periods between servicing inspections.
  • Bearing method
    It may seem that this is a technical detail, but in this case it is very important. Rotation of the chamber and the temperature of make the bearing solution extremely important. An improper method may cause rapid wear of bearings or completely seizing of the chamber. It may cause other problems: clogging of the chamber, backfire, permanent damage to the chamber, damage to the drive of the combustion chamber. We use our own patent-pending arrangement of bearing, which is reliable and ensures trouble-free and long operation of combustion chambers.
  • Technical knowledge and experience
    – enable us to seek ever better and more convenient solutions for you. As experts we share our knowledge with you.
  • We were first on the Polish market to introduce a burner with rotary combustion chamber.
    You may feel safe – choosing our product you receive a pellet burner of the highest quality, designed for convenience and safety, allowing you to save money and time.


Our offer includes:

Design and operation of the burner

Below we present the structure of the burner and description of its basic elements:




Watch the video showing the operation of KIPI pellet burner with rotary combustion chamber.

Modular design of the burner

KIPI pellet burner consists of 3 main modules:

  • removable blower chamber with the combustion chamber
  • main body (overpressure space)
  • drive module and sensors
Modułowa konstrukcja palnika na pellet KIPI.

Palnik na pellet KIPI – modułowa konstrukcja: 3 główne moduły – prosty montaż i serwis.


This design provides a very simple and quick installation and easy access to all parts of the burner.


10 most important features of KIPI burners – see your benefits

To help you understand how our product characteristics translate into your benefits, we have prepared the following material. It shows the features of individual components and solutions used in our burners.

  1. Rotary combustion and blower chamber:
  • comfort, convenience, time saving
  • the burner does not require cleaning (no regular cleaning needed – in opposition to other commercially available products that require cleaning even twice a week)
  • rotation of the blower chamber effectively removes ash from the combustion and blower chamber
  • greater combustion efficiency – more money saved
  • the possibility of using pellets with poorer quality and agro-pellets
  1. Seamless furnace chamber:
  • the furnace chamber is made as a seamless tube – without welds, which improves its durability and tensile strength.
  • we eliminated the risk of cracks in the welds and resulting stresses
  1. The division of airflow into primary and after-burning air:
  • increases the efficiency of the burner
  • reduces emissions of pollutants
  1. Our bearing method:
  • the bearing structure prevents jams in the chamber and ensures long-term operation without maintenance.
  • reduced servicing costs
  1. Modular design of the burner:
  • quick and easy installation and maintenance
  • easier operation
  1. Control:
  • modern, faultless and intuitive control – available to everyone
  • the controller may be extended with additional modules
  • preventing the problems with using complex control programs
  1. Eco Net module (optional):
  • very interesting additional option, which allows remote control of the burner from anywhere in the world – using the Internet you can monitor the work of the burner on-line using a smartphone or laptop
  1. A temperature sensor mounted directly in the feeder of the burner:
  • safety guarantee
  • the location of the sensor ensures the quickest response to any flashback risk
  1. Mounting flange (available as an option):
  • great simplicity for mounting the burner to the boiler
  • aesthetic design
  1. Cooling – heat transfer from moto-reducers by a fan:
  • it extends the operational life of reducers Extended lifetime means money saved on maintenance services


KIPI burners – summary:

  • comfort and ease of use – rotary combustion and blower chamber and the torch do not require cleaning –  you save time!
  • cleanliness – pellets provide a very clean fuel (e.g. when compared to eco-pea coal, coal or fuel oil) which would make your boiler room a clean place – in addition, you don’t have to clean the combustion chamber.
  • highest quality: all components are made of high quality materials
  • the burner does not require daily maintenance – the processes of igniting, combustion, quenching and purification are controlled automatically
  • modern control system – proven PLUM controller
  • option of monitoring and control via Internet using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • flame control by a photocell
  • an alternative to gas and oil burners – pellet fuels provide up to 60 %of savings  in relation to gas and oil
  • KIPI burners are designed to burn the fuel of inferior quality and agro-pellets

A wide range of controllers provides their correct adaption to the customer needs.

  • Graphic controllers: ecoMax350, ecoMax 850 and ecoMax860
  • Touch controllers: ecoTouch 850 and ecoTouch860

ecoTouch 860 controller

ecoMAX 350 controller

ecoMax350 – is a controller providing standard operation for the burner – it works with central heating and DHW pump and a weather sensor. It can be extended by module B and C (see FUNCTIONS). It has 6 current outputs of 230V, 5 analogue inputs for connecting sensors, 1 input for thermostats and one low-voltage output of 12V. This is the preferred choice for cost-conscious users.


ecoMAX 850 and ecoTOUCH 850 controllers

They are devices based on advanced technologies. They control the combustion process in pellet boilers and burners and other biomass boilers. They usually control the heating circuit of central heating and hot water systems as well as mixing circuits. Controllers are available in a complete housing and in a version with a removable panel that enable user to mount them on the front of the boiler.
It has 9 current outputs of 230V, 8 analogue inputs for connecting sensors, 2 inputs for thermostats and one low-voltage output of 12V.

ecoMAX 850 and ecoTOUCH 850 have a modular design that provides BUS extension.
ecoTOUCH has a smart menu, which inactivates unconnected elements  The patented system of prompts provides easy and comfortable operation of functions. Additionally, there is a simple way to change the controller software with the use of a microSD card.

 ecoMax 850 and ecoTouch 850 controllers – the optimal choice, giving the user more options to control the burner operation. The basic is provided with STB sensor. It can also be extended by module B and C (see FUNCTIONS). ecoMax 850 is a graphs controller, whereas EcoTouch 850 is of touch type.
Good choice for those who value a combination of effective and convenient solutions with optimal price.


ecoMAX 860 and ecoTOUCH 860 controllers

They are devices based on advanced technologies. They control the combustion process in pellet boilers and burners and other biomass boilers. They usually control the heating circuit of central heating and hot water systems as well as mixing circuits. Controllers are available in a complete housing and in a version with a removable panel that enable user to mount them on the front of the boiler.
It has 12 current outputs 230V, 10 analogue inputs for connecting sensors, 2 inputs for thermostats, one low-voltage output 12V.
ecoMAX 860P and ecoTOUCH 860P  have modular design, providing BUS extension.
 ecoTOUCH 860P has a smart menu, which inactivates unconnected elements The patented system of prompts provides easy and comfortable operation of functions. It provides on-line management of the boiler vie the Internet.

ecoMax 860 and ecoTouch 860 controllers – innovative controllers with a number of functions matched to the needs of demanding users. Many functions are provided in the basic version, but they may be additionally upgraded with module B (see detail FUNCTIONS). EcoMax 860 is a graphs controller, whereas EcoTouch 860 is of touch type.
A good choice for demanding users, focused in particular on innovative solutions.
All controllers have the following features:

  • intuitive and simple operation
  • many interesting functions
  • unique design
  • TOUCH & PLAY control system
  • quality display, which displays information in the form of icons
  • comfortable cooperation together with ecoSTER remote control

Additional modules

Additional modules ensure cooperation with the buffer and mixing systems. Moreover, cooperation with lambda sensor (ecoLAMBDA) may be enabled.

Advanced Features:



ecoSTER 200





easy to use and install. It provides a preview of operations and edition of working parameters of boiler from another room. May operate as a thermostat with adjustable time zones. Visual and audible alarms improve user safety. Additional sensors may extend the function of the room panel with two thermostats.


with a room thermostat for simple temperature control. It also allows read-out and preview of all device parameters (boilers, heat pumps, etc.). It also enables user to adjust basic functions of the boiler.


it provides fast and convenient update the device software on-line at the installation site via PC. Both the executive modules, the controller itself and ecoSTER room panel have their own software, which can be upgraded

ecoNET 300




enables remote management of the boiler using a computer over the Internet. The user may control parameters such as temperature, operation of pumps and mixers and preview the operational statuses of the controller. An important advantage for the user is also clear visualization of the boiler operational history, provided in the form of graphs.


intended for measuring and adjusting the oxygen content in exhaust gases. Equipped with a communication interface that transfers measurement results from the module to the controller. This ensures the optimization of the combustion process.


it extends the basic controller module by another 7 outputs for sensors. Depending on the program, these outputs can be used for example to: support additional heating circuits.




it allows connection of 2 additional mixers.


  • exhaust gas sensor: CT2 S,
  • standard sensor: CT4,
  • weather sensor: CT4P,
  • optical sensor: OCP