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General information

KIPI CONTAINERS – the best solution for storing pellets

Zasobniki KIPI – najlepsze rozwiązanie na magazynowanie pelletu zasobnik

The containers are used for storing pellets that are to be provided in the adequate amount by the feeder to the burner. KIPI containers have a modular design, making their transport and installation easy.

Effective use of the container volume

Our containers are designed for the most efficient use of their volume. They are made of galvanized sheet metal. They are adapted for use with feeders having external pipe diameter of 70mm.

Dimensions may be customized

In addition to the standard container sizes, we can prepare a container specially tailored to the needs of our customers – both in terms of size and shapes. A customer who needs an individual solution will receive a professionally prepared design, together with its price estimate.

KIPI containers – summary:

  • the best solution for storing pellets
  • Effective use of the container volume
  • modular design – easy transport and installation
  • galvanized sheet
  • inspection window to check the fuel level

Technical data

Capacity Height Width
330 L 1260 mm 580 mm
440 L 1375 mm 640 mm
820 L 1400 mm 1000 mm
1200 L 1400 mm 1300 mm
1800 L 1800 mm 1300 mm

Option of customizing the containers on individual demand