Thank you for choosing a KIPI device. We make every effort to ensure that the device can be operated by you as long as possible. Therefore, please read the following information. Assembly only required by authorized KIPI installer

1. Guarantee period

  • The producer guarantees the warranty for the device for a period of 2 years from the date of the first day, but not later than 1 month from the date of purchase.

  • The producer provides a 12-month warranty for the igniter with the clause of 3000 ignition cycles during this year (applies to devices containing the KIPI pellet burner),

  • The producer grants a warranty if the burner is installed and commissioned by an authorized KIPI installer,

  • The manufacturer provides a warranty after filling in the warranty card and sending a copy of the first start-up to the manufacturer and consent to the processing of personal data within 21 days from the date of installation.

Caution: The producer may conditionally extend the warranty period to 3 years under the following conditions:

     1.1 Performing subsequent periodic inspections by an authorized installer after 12 months of operation,

     1.2 The burner was installed and commissioned for the first time by an authorized fitter,

     1.3 Completion of the warranty and sending a copy of the first run to the manufacturer and consent to the processing of personal data,

     1.4 Performing subsequent periodic inspections by an authorized installer after 12 months of operation,

2. Guarantee period

     The producer requires the installation of the burner and the first start-up to be performed by an authorized installer on the user's request.

     The scope of support includes:

  • Checking the correctness of the construction and operation of the device,

  • Burner adjustment

  • Control of the correct operation of the device securing elements,

  • Fulfillment of the guarantee,

     The scope of the first launch does not include:

  • Removal of defects and faults in the installation.

3. Reviews

     Inspections should be performed annually from the date of first commissioning.

4. Warranty conditions:

  • Possession of a correctly completed warranty,

  • Possession of the proof of purchase of the burner,

  • Installation and first start-up by an authorized installer,

  • Annual, user-paid warranty inspections carried out by an authorized installer,

  • Mandatory return by the installer of a copy of the commissioning protocol to the manufacturer by mail or electronically,

  • Mandatory return by the installer of the consent to the processing of GDPR personal data to the manufacturer by post or electronically.

5. The warranty does not cover:

  • Damage resulting from improper storage or transport of the device,

  • Damage resulting from faulty assembly and first start-up,

  • Damage resulting from improper operation of the device and the use of inappropriate fuels,

  • Defects resulting from improperly made heating, chimney and ventilation systems,

  • Damage caused by factors beyond the Manufacturer's control (e.g. flood, fire, electrical surges, etc.)

  • Consumable parts subject to wear,

  • Replacement of parts caused by flashback, which are not caused directly by the fault of the device.

6. The warranty is forfeited as a result of:

  • Tearing off the rating plates identifying the device,

  • Making repairs by unauthorized persons,

  • Change of device elements - making modifications on your own,

  • Loss or damage to the warranty,

  • No first run performed by an authorized service technician,

  • The warranty on foreign markets is valid only when purchased from an Authorized Distributor operating in a given country in another.