BASIC burners

The BASIC pellet burner is a device with a very simple structure, characterised by high efficiency of pellet burning. It is suitable for the modernisation of a boiler room, easy to install and low cost. They can be remotely controlled, which significantly increases the convenience of use. Currently, our collection includes burners from 4 to 26 kW power. Particularly noteworthy is the new version of the BASIC PLUS Burner, which you can read about below.


The BASIC PLUS pellet burner is available in the powers of 16kW, 20kW and 26kW. Dimensions and technical specifications are the same as the standard BASIC


The movable grate, moving along the combustion chamber, cleans ashes and slag to maintain efficient operation at all times, without loss of power or clogging.  The burner also uses a system of air division into primary and after-burning. That guarantees effective pellet combustion with lower quality fuel according to the DIN classification.  A proprietary bearing solution and high quality combustion chamber make the device durable and reliable.



We use the synergy of all the advantages of pellets, an innovative burner and effective control. This means that heating your home can become ecological and economical like never before! It is the significant reduction in fuel expenses that is one of the main reasons why KIPI ROTARY pellet burners are appreciated by their owners.


KIPI burners thanks to the innovative design and intelligent control, the use of our devices is practically maintenance-free. Supervision over the boiler operation can be done wirelessly using a dedicated mobile application or a computer with Internet access.


KIPI burners meet the most stringent standards for the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Moreover burning pellets is accompanied by minimizing the amount of ash and dust and it helps to keep the boiler room clean. Saving, comfort and ecology are the three main distinguishing features of KIPI burners.


KIPI pellet burners are an ideal solution for all those who are looking for an alternative heating method, which is both ecological and economical. They are used both in new pellet boilers as well as for modernization of operating oil, coal and fine coal solid fuel boilers as well as for gasification, both 3rd and 4th class. It is a simple, effective and relatively inexpensive way to breathe a new, ecological spirit into heating a building.

Producers of boilers with KIPI burners

We work with nearly 30 boiler manufacturers in Poland and abroad. These companies have many years of experience in the boiler industry, which is confirmed by numerous awards and distinctions. Their offer includes a wide range of boiler power, which use the latest technologies that improve the heating process in households and industrial facilities. 

Boiler modernization with a KIPI

Our Burners are used for boilers modernisations. So far we have modernised soiled-fuel , oil and gas boilers. It is best to use the services of an experienced installer who will ensure the safety of the installation and the correct settings of the burner - so that it works as efficiently and without failure.

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