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Powdered-fuel burners


Innovative system for thermal energy generation with power output of 750kW-20MW

The best solutions for industry applications

Powdered-fuel burners for coal and biomass dust – ability to fourfold reduction of heating costs.

In response to numerous queries concerning thermal power generation for industry, where thermal energy exceeds 750 kW, we have created a completely new solution. Together with Warsaw Institute of Energy  we have developed a solution for upgrading the existing systems for supplying the water and steam boilers using powdered-fuel burners or for constructing new systems.

This enables user to reduce the thermal energy costs to approx. PLN 20/1 GJ- which is more than four-fold savings compared with fuel oil. Each implementation requires an individual analysis.


Safety is guaranteed by the latest methods of prevention and protection based on the cooperation with the Central Fire Research Laboratory in Warsaw.

Fuel price stability

Energy prices are varied and change frequently, whereas the price of lignite, at least in the late decade remains at a stable level – it is still the cheapest fuel on the market (comparing to fuel oil, LPG, natural gas or coal ).
We can guarantee our customers the regularity of deliveries through long-term contracts for the supply of fuel, which further stabilizes the price. Using powdered-fuel burners, customers are guaranteed to maintain low costs of thermal energy.

Powdered-fuel burners:

  • a clean and safe system for combustion of powdered fuels
  • fuel storage in airtight silos
  • the supply of fuel by tank vehicles
  • burners with stepless power regulation
  • full automation of the entire system

An exemplary diagram of the steam boiler plant with cogeneration of chilled water supplied by powdered-fuel: